On that Edinburgh Chap

Well, to paraphrase Douglas Adams, “Giles is just this guy, you know?”.

I’m devotedly married to my wife Susan, we’ve had four children together, although one was sadly lost to us too early. I’m an IT Consultant and a keen amateur photographer.

This is a collection of articles that illustrate the trials and tribulations of life for a working family man in modern Britain. There’s a lot of whining, I’ll be honest. There’s a lot I understand about life, and a lot I don’t. Mostly, I don’t understand how most people don’t understand most of life, and don’t care about this. But don’t misunderstand me. I know how lucky I am.

Mostly, I understand how unlucky I am not, how my misfortunes documented here are utterly insignificant compared to those of many others.

And yet, I do genuinely feel that the Universe is often conspiring against me. Feel free to sympathise or to enjoy some schadenfreude, as is befitting for the article in question.

But most of all, feel free to post comments.